Saturday, November 29, 2014

Ray Rice May he never play another down.

I personally think the overturn is correct on the basis that it was done. That being said I believe he is an abusive thug with more money than self control. I hope no team will pick him up but also know that one will. Who do you think will be the first to hire a proven woman beater back to the NFL?

Gadget Envy?

I have a PC hooked up ot the tv as well as an Amzon fire stick and a Roku. I do have an open HDMI port that makes me just want to fill it. What streaming boxes do you have and what makes one better than the other? I like my Roku for its simplicity. I love the new fire stick for how well it works with Amaozn prime and it online partners. But neither do more than the pc hooked up to the tv.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Thank You Supreme Court !

This is a great step in showing the rest of the world maybe the United States are not made up of hateful bigots.

Conservative blog

 I was a reader and poster of the Watauga conservative themed blog here in town . I was eventually censored for not marching in goosestep with the blog censors. I am mildly amused after not reading it very often for a while to return and see that now post moderation in in place. And the few remaining regular posters are now bickering and leaving, due to the same vindictiveness that has always run rampant there.

The difference I see now is that the targets for such hate and vitriol have been turned upon those same regulars who censored out anyone's posts that did not agree with theirs.

But I am willing to start posting again here to give anyone the right to say what they want with in the blogs rules with out fear of censoring or targeted attacks. Even Mr. A and Mr. C are welcome.


Monday, January 21, 2013

Success must be punished

This is out of line . The government want to punish business for succeeding since they didn't build their own success. But here is talent being punished . I wonder how Obama would say he built this mans talent.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

More NC Nanny State government

Why is the lottery ok when it is taxed, yet and industry asking to be taxed and allowed to provide jobs and entertainment not?  Both are gambling, both are free to play not forced on anyone. So why is it that when private job providers offer a service, the state feels the need to decide for its adult population how they can spend their money ?

Johnny Whackomole

You continue to try and engage me on a blog where I am not allowed to post. This is cowardice of the highest caliber. I am more then willing to debate you on topics we disagree on, like you apparent opinion that you are in any way attractive. I saw you in the wellness center. And as an ugly man you made me think I was Brad Pitt by comparison.

And to make it clear to you for the 1000th time it is Opoib. I am sure you will rant on the other site once you take your meds but here there is not any censorship other then for profanity.